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What are indices?

Stock indices give you a chance to trade your opinion of an economy without having to pick individual stocks. With unique benefits to both CFD trading and spread betting, indices are some of the most popular products to trade.

How an Index CFD Trade works

Unlike forex, when you trade an index, you simply buy or sell based on your opinion of how that index will perform. With OGM, you pay only the spread to open a trade. We do not impose stop restrictions for most of our products—you can easily scalp major indices. Plus, our smaller contract sizes mean you can minimize your exposure in the market.

Trade Your Opinion of Global Stock Markets

Want an ideal environment to trade US, European, Asian and Australian stock markets? We offer enhanced index CFDs, one of the most unique offerings in the industry and a great benefit for scalpers and news and EA traders.

  • Go long or short on CFD products
  • More leverage than traditional shares
  • Any trading strategy welcome